Money Alchemy


A Holistic Approach to Wealth Creation

“The alchemists knew the necessity of creating the inviolate vessel and giving the elixir all the time it needed to transform into gold...our innermost selves require the same attention, patience and seclusion"

Deena Metzger

Why Money Alchemy

I wrote Money Alchemy because many people, especially those in the creative fields – the artists, musicians, writers; those who are actively working to improve the world like social workers, environmentalists, child carers; and the healers, energy, and body workers seem to have issues with money. Many (not all…) don’t like money, they don’t resonate with money, they think money is an un-creative, logical, left brain thing that though they need, they don’t really love.

I discovered this while I owned a fund management company by day. By night and on weekends I was pursuing various transformational paths, as one does. And it is there that I found that people with warm, generous hearts and profound vision, people well skilled in healing of many kinds, those who were spreading light and making the world more beautiful, had money issues.

It was at that time, many years ago now, that I undertook to write a book that anyone could use to raise their wealth consciousness. And I wrote it especially for all those who devote their lives to making the world a better place for others – that they may create the wealth they need for their work and for themselves.

My aim was also to present money in a different way – not as a left brain, logical, scary, boring, mathematical ‘thing’; but as a living, breathing energy that can be molded and directed skillfully, creatively, and with intention.

Money is a beautiful thing. It’s an empowering transformative energy that anyone can use to expand themselves and the world. Money Alchemy shows you how to can become someone who attracts wealth!

Alchemy is

~ transformation
~ changing from one state to another
~ creating new outcomes
~ becoming someone new
~ shift shaping new realities
~ trusting the cauldron of possibility

~ Leaping into the unknown with faith sewn onto your ankles! ~

Money is

~ energy needing direction
~ a journey of becoming
~ a reflection of the relationship with self and others
~ a potentiality waiting to unfold
~ a process of transformation of self
~ a teacher of the art of manifestation

~ You are the Money! ~

Money Alchemy is

~ a holistic approach to money making
~ based on real life experience in the real world,
   successfully tested by others on the wealth creation path
~ that uses creative yet practical tools,
   to transform you into someone who
   resonates with and attracts wealth

~ A ride into Wealth and Beyond! ~


Money Alchemy is the most fabulous book on wealth creation you will ever read!
It’s light, quirky, funny, inspirational, simply oozes with good vibrations, and it works!

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‘Accept no limitations to our human potential.
We have the power of solar systems in our minds.’
Ben Okri from Mental Fight
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