How Money Alchemy Feels


“I feel as though I have embarked on a love affair with money and abundance. I now want to embrace money, rather than keep in at arm’s length.”

Carol Cook, Magazine Editor

“Firstly I lost a large work project, and secondly my work load has suddenly quadrupled. It will revolutionise your concept of money and its flow in your life.”

Brian Henry, Technician

“I feel I have given myself permission to DREAM BIG again, whilst keeping full spiritual alignment.”

Dr Diane Kerry, Scientist

“Great, rewarding, valuable. Yes, it helped me have the courage to overcome my personal fears and limitations. It helped me believe in myself again.”

Ursulla White, Business Owner

“Business has literally been flowing in!”

Wanda Olsweski, Director Taudata Consultants

“It has removed my nagging fear that things just were not going to come right. I am a lot more positive ... I gained a lot; specifically the tools ... and the methods to redirect thinking patterns.”

John Steyn, Construction

“What I earned in the last six months equals what I earned in the 12 months before I did this work.”

Sharon Day, Business Owner

“I have had the most abundant year of my life this last year. Money has started flowing in, in unexpected ways and from unexpected sources. Thank you, Kiki.”

Mignon Lotz, M.D Peer Power

“Something definitely shifted within me and I have blown my normal target for earnings per month and almost doubled it!”

Kate Richards, Therapist

“I have a smile inside of me that I never want to loose again ... alignment ... all in place ... suddenly there is space again in my heart ...”

Sally Michael, Investment Advisor

“This work is about changing attitudes and becoming focused. It’s definitely not only about money.”

Mike Laatz, Professional Musician

“I feel more grounded and peaceful. Where before I was feeling anxious and uncontained, I now have a feeling of peace and joy.”

Shirley Taylor, Body Worker

“I have clarity and focus!”

8 out of 10 course participants

“I feel like I can make all my dreams come true …and they are BIG dreams!!”

Carey v/d Merwe, Business Owner - Agriculture

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‘I always entertain great hopes.’
Robert Frost
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