Photo Gallery

Money Well Launch - Exclusive Books, Cape Town
Money Alchemy Launch - Centre for the Book, Cape Town
Kiki Theo & husband Shaun Blatcher Kiki Theo & Catherine Brodie
The wealth comes from above... May you flourish and prosper...
Centre for the Book Building Wherever you are, there the money is also...
It was a magic night... Illustrator Simone Redman & Chef Jenny
Editor Extraordinaire Maire Fisher Daniel Fisher sings 'New Book, New Book'
(with apologies to Frank Sinatra)
Wanda Olsweski with Penguin's
Louise Grantham & Leanne Harris
Money Alchemy Launch - Kalk Bay Books, Cape Town
Kiki Theo & husband Shaun Blatcher Money Alchemy Illustrator, Simone Redman
& Author Kiki Theo
Linda Hawkins buys books! Kiki Theo & Anne Donald,
owner of Kalk Bay Books
Kalk Bay Books - Kalk Bay - Cape Town Craig Wilkie speaks about Kiki Theo
Let there be books! Kiki Theo & Brigitte Murphy
Photographer of these beautiful shots,
Angela Barry, & Simone Redman
Kiki Theo & Cialee Oosthuizen
Book signing  
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‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.’
Antoine de Saint Exupery
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