The Magical Tale of Ki and Ki


Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a set of magical twins named Ki and Ki. Firstborn Ki (by 7 seconds) was bold and feisty. She had a head for figures, was rational and practical with a flair for creating order out of chaos. Enormous problems and complications were resolved within minutes under the scrutiny of her crystal clear mind. She was a natural born leader too, a charismatic speaker, who from a young age was drawn to inspire the crowds, to defend the weak and to speak up for what she believed in. Her mission was to change the world, to make it a better place. Firstborn Ki went on to flourish and prosper in business, taking many setbacks in her stride and growing one business after another until she retired wealthy just before their 40th year.

Younger Ki was born with the gift of intuition and clairsentience – she simply ‘knew things’. She was introverted, highly sensitive and fey. She could ‘see’ beyond the visible, feel the emotions of others, and was drawn to all things mystic and magical. Unlike her sister, Younger Ki sought solitude deep within the woods and forests. She found life harsh and the doings of men cruel and incomprehensible. She spent most of the days of their childhood weeping for the sadness in the world for she felt the suffering of others keenly. She too wanted to change the world and make it a better place.

From the very young age of nine, Younger Ki explored and read and studied and trained in energy and healing of every kind, as well as psychology and religion. She was a keen student with natural aptitude for healing, counseling and the transformation of energy. Her talents were practiced and honed first in her own life and then in the boardroom, where she hid, always behind her bolder sister, using her skills of alchemy to help create success.

And so, while Firstborn Ki grew money taking careful note of what works in business physically, Younger Ki studied the energetic patterns underlying wealth and the wealthy and began to create a series of wealth transformations that others too could use to create wealth.

Together, the magical twins created a body of teaching around money called Money Alchemy which combined the worlds of business and metaphysics into a unique whole. They delivered talks and seminars, business and money coaching, where the Money Alchemy process was used by many with great success. Finally they decided to write.

Two books were written “Money Alchemy – into Wealth and Beyond” and “The Money Well™ - How to Contain the Money in your Life”.

These books not only contained the wisdom and experience of a lifetime in business and in the world of transformation, but they were also infused with such good energy, such positive good intention, that some people joked you only needed to rub one on your sleeve to begin the wealth transformation. (It was actually Nancy Richards the radio presenter who said it…)

And so the magical twins, (called Kiki for short), continue to this day, teaching and writing and pursuing their purpose to raise consciousness on the planet. Younger Ki is always standing behind Firstborn Ki, for she does not like to be in the limelight. But if you look really closely, especially by the light of the silver moon, you will see her glimmering in the distance with a faraway look in her eyes.

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‘The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.’
Jean-Jaques Rousseau
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