Purpose & Intent


For the reader of Money Alchemy

It is my intent that Money Alchemy will inspire you, refresh you,
    lighten you, align you with your purpose, and manifest wealth for you in every way.
        May you grow, may you flourish and prosper beyond your wildest expectations.
                May all your dreams come true! May you fly!

                                          Kiki Theo


The Purpose of Money Alchemy

I wrote Money Alchemy for you. That you may know that money is energy, that it is all around you, that you can shape and direct it. That you may realise that money and energy are not different, just as body and spirit are not different, just as work and path are not different, just as days of the week and Sunday are not different. Everything is connected. Everything is energy, and the divine spark sits in the centre of all things.

So it is time to put away foolish notions of money, in this the great age of transformation. At this most auspicious time, when so many strive to transcend, to create beautiful new realities, to elevate consciousness, to birth a new dawn, let us embrace money. Let us help it too to transform, not only itself, but also our highest dreams and aspirations into a brighter future.

Let all the light workers and planetary healers and visionaries; let the mothers and the fathers of the children; let the creators of new realities, the artists and musicians and writers and dancers; let all the protectors of mother earth; and the dream weavers; and the singers of new tales; let everyone with the seed of a dream in their heart, heed this call.

It is time to embrace wealth and all it can offer the work that you do, and the work that you want to do.
It is time to embrace the ‘you’ that you aspire to become.
It is time to leap up and transcend!

I wrote Money Alchemy to birth and develop a holistic wealth consciousness, for the purpose of raising consciousness on the planet. Yet it’s also a practical money making manual, that works in helping the reader develop wealth consciousness itself.

And in reading and using Money Alchemy, it is my intent that we will all connect together in an energetic wealth matrix that serves to hold and magnify each others’ vision, for the greatest good of all!

I dedicate the merit of this work to our enlightenment, and the enlightenment of all beings.

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Ben Okri from Mental Fight
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