Review by Lenny Balston of Harmonious Living
Wednesday, 01 October 2008

"Despite its title this book is about so much more than simply making money and is also the first book I’ve read on this subject that takes a holistic approach to wealth creation. Perhaps it’s because Kiki Theo, being a South African author, takes a typically no-nonsense approach to the subject.

Money Alchemy is very much written in a workbook style and encourages you to look at your beliefs about money through chapters titled; Money as Journey, Money as a Process of Transformation, Money as Potential, Money as Relationship, and Money as Teacher. The processes make use of free writing, drawing and symbolic acts to uncover your truth about money.

The book is written in a refreshingly light style and doesn’t take itself too seriously with section titles like ‘Before you plant an acorn, you need to dig a hole’ bringing a smile to my face. Kiki’s down-to-earth attitude was also a welcome change from the numerous ‘You Too Can Be Rich Like Me’ type books by big international authors that always seem rub me up the wrong way and that I have difficulty relating too.

‘It will grow as big as the pot’ is the first section in the chapter ‘Money as Potential’. Here Kiki explains that money is attracted to a big pot or container. The container here is your dreams and vision, and the bigger and more well defined the vision the more money will flow your way. “Unless we create a container for money to flow into, where is it going to go?”

The concepts that stand out in this book will vary for each person because we all see money differently and have very different beliefs and perceptions about it. The first thing that stood out for me was, “The first part of any journey is discovering where you are. Knowing where you are means a clear vision and being in the present.” Kiki tells her own story of living in the past and not embracing her current reality to illustrate this point.

Another phrase that caught me was, “I am the Money! Where I go, the money goes also, because I am the money!” This is quite a valuable insight for anyone leaving a high paying job to pursue their own business.

I’ve not yet worked through the processes in this book but once I do I have a feeling that I will get more than I bargained for, not just money, but a new kind of clarity and contentment."

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Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche
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