Wealth Journey™
- 9 Steps to a wealthier you


In Wealth Journey, an original model describing the dimensions of wealth and its creation from a psychological perspective, you will:

     Climb the 9 Levels of Wealth Consciousness;
          Confront the 9 Wealth Challenges;
               Overcome the 9 Wealth Detours; and
                     Discover the 11 Secrets of Wealth Creation

In Wealth Journey we explore the dimensions of wealth consciousness not only in relation to ‘where you are’; ‘where you’re going’; and ‘how to get there’; but also in terms of ‘why you are still not there’; and most importantly, ‘what to do once you get there’. Or, in the words of that chapter “Living the 9 ‘I’s of wealth’

A truly inspiring adventure, no matter where you are on the path of wealth!


The Wealth Journey™ – Synopsis

The Wealth Journey is the third book in the Money Alchemy series. It deals with the wealth creation journey in terms of states of consciousness or states of being that one has to move through on the path to wealth.

This original model of wealth consciousness begins at the state of ‘Ignorance’ and moves through ‘Blame’, and ‘Struggle’ to ‘Dependence’, ‘Co-dependence’ and’ Independence’, arriving finally at ‘Comfort’, then through ‘Wealth’, to ‘Affluence’.

A series of five questions invite the reader to reflect on each state, and then to transcend that condition through a number of reflections and actions that will help develop what is needed in order to move further along the wealth path.

Each of the Nine Levels of Wealth Consciousness contains a challenge of opposites which have to be integrated and transcended in order for an empowering quality to emerge. This empowering quality is the key to unlocking the challenge and to moving to the next level of wealth consciousness.

In addition, this model deals with Nine Wealth Detours (such as procrastination, fear, pride, confusion) which mark dangers and pitfalls that can misdirect one along the path to wealth with advice and tools on how to overcome these and get back on track.

The Eleven Secrets of Wealth Creation are tools for cultivating and integrating the qualities and ultimately the consciousness necessary for the creation of wealth, so that the Nine Dimensions of Self Expression can be fully realised.

Finally, ‘Living the Nine “I’s” of Wealth provides practical advice on how to contain and expand the wealth achieved.

The Wealth Journey is a book of transformation of self and wealth which can be summarised as follows:

1. Where you are The 9 levels of wealth consciousness
2. Where you are going The 9 dimensions of self-expression
3. Why you are not there The 9 wealth challenges
4. How to get there The 11 secrets of wealth creation
5. Why you are still not there The 9 wealth detours
6. What to do once you are there Living the 9 “I’s” of wealth

About ‘The Wealth Journey™’

The Wealth Journey is a holistic self-help book which will appeal to everyone with an interest in wealth creation and transformation of self, as well as to the fan base of Money Alchemy and Money Well readers.

The Wealth Journey™ is similar to Kiki Theo’s two previous books as the wealth creation and transformation theme carries through, together with her very distinctive style of writing.

However, though holistic in its approach, Wealth Journey™ is by far the least esoteric of the three books, with a distinctly psychological slant.

Though very broad in the extent of the material it covers, Wealth Journey is a concise book with short snappy chapters. It leans more in the direction of providing information, without the extensive trademark processing of the previous two books- though processing is still there, as are fables, tales and the usual bit of poetry.

Kiki Theo’s light hearted approach and tongue in cheek humour also remains, as does her original approach and material – a classification of levels of consciousness in respect of wealth has never been done before.

Whereas Money Alchemy and Money Well bridged the worlds of money and metaphysics, Wealth Journey™ bridges the worlds of money and psychology. This book presents an original classification of wealth and introduces numerous new ideas including that of a ‘wealth consciousness scale’. As a result it will receive keen attention not only from the millions of self-help fans around the world, but also from the world of businesses, psychology and coaching.

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